Whether your venue caters for live music, sports events, theatre or comedy, has 500 seats or 100,000 seats our venue management system, Ticketware, provides a complete ticketing solution along with professional installation and training.

Ticketware has been created in consultation with the operators of venues, event organisers and ticketing professionals, providing a one-stop solution for all your purchasing and access control requirements. It enables us to work with a wide range of sectors to include the Live Music Industry, Sports Venues, Theatres and Comedy to sell tickets efficiently for events of every genre, size and configuration.

Continuous Updates

  • Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the ultimate ticketing experience on offer.
  • We work closely to integrate, upgrade, expand and deliver a flexible and secure ticketing solution
  • Tailored for you, by you – we love feedback, and if you have an idea to improve your ticketing, we want to hear it!

General admission tickets

  • No seating? No problem, sell tickets online or at the box office for your event

Commissions & other fees

  • Straight forward, no nonsense pricing

Real time scanning

  • Setup is quick and easy – you’re ready to scan in minutes
  • Securely scan barcoded tickets and eliminate fraudulent ticket sales
  • View all your statistics in real-time

Select your own seat

  • Online or at the box office – your customer, their choice
  • Provide further information on benefits of specific seats

Flexible ticketing

  • Pick barcoded physical tickets or e-tickets
  • Secure and integrated your existing entry systems
  • View crucial entry statistics in real-time with ticket scanning on entry

Event Promotion

  • Publish all your events on the UK’s largest independent primary ticket marketplace – Ticketline
  • Read all about it! – get your event promoted with our extensive marketing services
  • Maximise your sales – publish your own ticket shop integrated into your website, simple, quick, efficient, no fuss.

Custom Training

  • Get the most out of your venue sales.
  • Our ticketing experts deliver on-site tailor-made training
  • Address the functions you need to focus on to grow

Resilient and Reliable

  • Deliver your ticket sales online and at the box office when you need it most
  • Capable of 5,000 tickets sales per minute
  • Uptime 99.9% - you’ll never be closed for business

Seat Map Editor

  • Your venue, designed with complete freedom
  • Layout your venue right down to the last seat
  • Dynamic- cater for all types of events with multiple and flexible seat maps

Live Reporting

  • Comprehensive yet concise – reports at your fingertips, on demand, 24/7
  • View your sales in real-time and review customer details, demographics, buyer patterns
  • In-depth analysis or just a quick check – you’re in control, available on tablet and mobile, so you can check even analyse on the move!

Outstanding Support

  • Over phone or email, you will always speak to a ticketing expert when you need it most!
  • Experience and knowledge of online and box office ticket sales, they know you and your venue
  • Our team provide excellent unlimited support, training, consultancy and project management to deliver your venue and sales aspirations

Designed by you, for you

  • Intuitive, powerful, flexible – Ticketware is designed to deliver results
  • Our interactive and friendly user interface takes the stress out of ticketing
  • Continuous innovation – need something new? We continually evolve Ticketware to deliver the demands of the industry

Multiple Payment Types

  • Cash? Card? Over the phone? At the box office? Ticketware makes transactions easy
  • Handles all major credit and debit cards, including Chip & Pin
  • Redeem vouchers and other discount codes

Mobile Sales

  • Our integrated white label ticket pages are user friendly, responsive and built for mobile
  • Customers can purchase tickets on the move
  • Integrated with Ticketware – enhance your ticket sales opportunity and reach

Print at Home

  • E-tickets allow your customers to print their tickets at home
  • Barcoded tickets ensure secure entry for your venue and customers

Bespoke Audience Targeting

  • Region, Genre, Socio-demographics, you name it, we can do it!
  • Split across multiple digital marketing channels with remarketing
  • Get to your customers the first time, at the right time

Social Media

  • Cover your event on all popular social media channels
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, we cover all areas
  • Retargeting and remarketing options too

Promotions & Incentives

  • Need to push sales? Got a unique proposition? We can help
  • Amplify your offer and increase sales through various digital marketing channels

Campaign Management

  • Maximise your marketing plans with managed integrated communications plans
  • You’re in complete control! We provide best practice advice and support you all the way
  • Full, detailed and clear reporting at every campaign level stage from our marketing department

Access control & reporting

  • View entry statistics in real-time, you’re in complete control at every event you host
  • Collaborate and print reports post event to maximise your entry management opportunities

Agency Reporting

  • Deliver detailed ticket allocation reports to other booking agents
  • Manage bookings, commissions, inside booking fees and much more