We don’t do complex pricing! It is clear and simple, just like our software and services. Our pricing is flexible and tailored to your venue operational performance. Whether you require a completely outsourced solution including call centre, online marketplace, marketing services and despatch solutions, or just a box office and ticketing software, we can help.

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Clear, simple pricing

For organisations generating up to £3m in ticket and merchandise sales per year

No annual charge

Percentage charging structure applied to incremental sales performance

What do your packages include?

  • Unlimited support and training
  • Unlimited users
  • Free continuous upgrades
  • Detailed reporting accessible 24/7
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Utilise our first-class customer support & despatch services
  • Promote your events with our extensive marketing services
  • All payment processing charges included

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Are there any optional extras?

No, what you see, what you get, is what you pay for, no extras, no fuss. You know where you stand.

What hardware do I need to purchase?

Firstly, you just need a computer and an internet connection, Ticketware is accessed by our cloud servers.

Computer: Typically, a PC less than 3 years old with latest version of Windows 7 running on your computer. Other hardware options you may require include:

Chip & PIN machine. A standard PCI complaint PIN entry device. We do not provide this type of hardware and you will need to purchase separately, however we are more than happy to recommend chosen suppliers.

When would I have to pay?

Clients do not have to pay anything up front, only when you begin processing sales utilising Ticketware. We bill on a monthly basis in arrears with charges outlined clearly in proportion to your turnover that month.

What about payment processing charges?

Don’t worry, the hard work is done here. We process all payment processing charges so you can concentrate on the core aspects of ticketing and getting your event promoted.

Payments are processed over 128 bit SSL which encrypts credit and debit card. We send this encrypted information to our bank so they can process the transaction. We do not store card details on our services or in our offices to maximise security. All card information is stored by our bank at their secure data centre.

What payment methods do you accept?

Ticketware accepts all typically used debit and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. We do not accept Diners Club cards.

What is the minimum contract length commitment?

Our minimum contract length is 12 months, however you can opt into a contract that suits you beyond this point.

Can I obtain a discount if I enter a contract for more than 5 years?

Unfortunately, no. We have tailored our pricing structure that is fair for all clients, and we do not have special deals for extended length contracts. Retaining fair pricing is key to invest in our operations and undermining the exceptional service to existing clients.

We only sell a small amount of tickets each year, but we want to use Ticketware, can we still go ahead?

Possibly, it depends on how small your event or venue is, and we may still be able to help with alternative solutions.

Do you just work with venues? I run an outdoor event and need help!

Of course not! We work with a variety of large festivals, museums, arenas right down to small niche mobile events plus much more. Get in touch, we’re happy to talk and see what your requirements entail.

We typically procure software through a tender process, can you help?

We completely understand the obligations organisations face scrutiny and challenges of expenditure capital investment. Where we’re invited to apply, we’ll oblige and participate.

Is Ticketware secure?

You’re in safe hands, as are your customers. Ticketware is hosted in the cloud at one of the largest data centres in Greater Manchester, with secure entry and 24/7 on site security. Hosted in the cloud, you won’t lose or damage core critical system information or event information too!

Right, that’s my questions answered. Where do we go from here?

Get in touch, tell us everything about your event, what help you require, we’ll go from there!

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